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The seven keys to World Class Manufacturing (Part 1)

Posted by vietnamwcm trên 9 Tháng Mười 2008

Executive overview

What does it mean to be a world-class competitor? It means being successful in your chosen market against any competition—regardless of size, country of origin or resources. It means matching or exceeding any competitor on quality, lead time, flexibility, cost/price, customer service and innovation. It means picking your battles—competing where and when you choose and on terms that you dictate. It means you are in control and your competitors struggle to emulate your success.

What does it take to be world class? Richard Schonberger, a leading manufacturing consultant, created the term “world-class manufacturing.” According to Schonberger, “manufacturing is gained by marshalling the resources for continual rapid improvement.” To achieve world-class status, companies must change procedures and concepts, which in turn leads to transforming relations among suppliers, purchasers, producers and customers. Enterprise automation is indispensable to manufacturing innovators who aim to gain market share, operate at peak efficiency and exceed customer expectations so they can be world class in their industry.

How can your company become and remain world class? There are seven keys to becoming a world-class manufacturer that distill the broad concepts above into specific actions that can be addressed and accomplished in your company. Each is presented with a brief discussion and examples of its impact on a manufacturing organization and its competitiveness. A more detailed discussion of each of the seven keys is available from Infor.

The keys to success, in no particular order, are:

1) Reduce lead times

2) Speed time-to-market

3) Cut operations costs

4) Exceed customer expectations

5) Manage the global enterprise

6) Streamline outsourcing processes

7) Improve business performance visibility

Each of these objectives is important in and of itself; however, taken together, they describe the focus of the activities and attitudes that define world class.


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