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Quality Function Deployment – The Process

Posted by vietnamwcm trên 7 Tháng Chín 2008

The QFD process is an orderly sequence of activities for evaluating customer requirements and developing a product. QFD uses a series of matrixes to organize, analyze, and compare information about a product. QFD integrates these matrixes and charts into a system (a matrix of matrixes) to realize customer requirements, functions, quality requirements, parts definitions, breakthrough methods and manufacturing requirements.

Paradigm shift – QFD vs. traditional US business methodologies

The number of matrixes in a QFD study can range from four to thirty, although the quality matrix or “House of Quality” is often the only one used. Most manufacturers break the process into four phases.

The QFD phases are a guide through the product development cycle from design to production. At each stage, the items which are most important, require new technology, or are of high risk to the organization are carried to the next phase.

Four phases can be described as:

1) Design. The customer helps define product or service requirements. A QFD matrix is used to translate customer requirements into design requirements. Design requirements are ways in which the design team is able to satisfy the customer requirements. After evaluation, the most important design requirements are carried into the next phase.

The design phase, on the product design and development viewpoint can be divided into four substeps (ReVelle and others, 1998):

a) Identify the market

b) Select a product concept

c) Design product

d) Design manufacturing (which is general description of below phases)

2) Details. The details and process requirements to produce the product or service are determined. Details most critical to fulfilling product requirements specified by the customer are carried into the third phase.

3) Process. The processes needed to produce the parts and components are developed. The processes most critical to fulfilling customer product requirements are carried into the fourth and final phase.

4) Production. Production requirements for producing the product are developed. The production methods will enable the company to produce a high-quality product that meets customer’s requirements.


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